Weight Wanderer is game where you play an experienced pilot flying an experimental vehicle through the void and rescue as many survivors as you can while reaching the goal. This vehicle has no traditional means of transportation, but rather changes its weight to slingshot off of the gravitation bodies around it in a controlled manner.

If you get stuck on a level you can always skip it by going back to level select and choosing a different one. There are a few mechanics to discover in the later levels.


Up Arrow Key: Increase weight

Down Arrow Key: Decrease weight

P or Esc: Pause

R: Restart level


To Survive by Uno Datwangi

Liscense: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/


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Difficult but very interesting!

Great concept! A bit difficult, it might help to have some more exact way of knowing how heavy you are or how it will affect your trajectory. A direct path preview would be too easy, but some kind of indication would help IMO.


I agree with you on the weight indication. It's something I had planned on adding but wasn't able to implement before the deadline. The size of the player changes depending on weight but I understand it's not a very exact indicator. Thank you for your feedback!