This is a small factory themed game made for Trijam 2020, a three hour game jam.


Click the boxes with the arrows to change their orientation. Your goal is to direct incoming items from the left and lead them through manufacturing machines to produce and item of a particular shape and color that matches that of one of the request bins on the right. 

As time progresses you lose energy (the yellowish bar at the bottom) and when it depletes you lose the game. You can acquire more energy by successfully fulfilling request bins.

If you've made an item that doesn't match any of the request bins try to throw it off the assembly line as the penalty for creating garbage is much less than that for sending an item that does not match a request.

Things I'd Like To Add/Improve:

  • Difficulty progression (speedup item spawn rate and travel velocity over time) 
  • Better graphics assets. 
  • Tweak the energy gains and losses. 
  • Add animations to the different factory parts.
  • Better UI/Menu.
  • Music.

Please share your thoughts, comments, criticisms, and highest scores below!


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